Simplifying build in C++ (part 3)

Package management and build systems are one of the next big challenges C++ is going to face. In this article series, I offer some thoughts and ideas to solve that. This post is the third part, where we talk about a project’s build itself and how simple it could be.

A couple months ago I started a series of posts about build systems and package management. The first part explained the general outline of the issue and a potential solution. The second one delved a bit more in the details of toolchains and their configuration. In this third article, we will try to explore the description of a project itself.

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ACCU 2018 trip report

I was in Bristol last week for the 2018 edition of ACCU. Now is the time for me to give my feedback about the talks, share what I learnt and complain about English food.

I must start by confessing to some ignorance: I didn’t know about ACCU, what they did or how long they’ve been around until last year when somebody asked me if I planned to submit a paper there.

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Modern C++ 03

It may have come as a surprise to some that I moved to C++11 on my day to day job only very recently. One question it often raises is “how can you work without Modern C++?”. In this article I’ll try to defend that Modern C++ has almost nothing to do with C++11, 14 or 17.

In a recent episode of CppCast, Jason Turner asked me to give my perspective on what the life of a C++ developer was in the day to day business. As I explained, my company has been releasing versions of a financial software for more than 30 years now and we only made the move from C++03 to C++11 in the last months.

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PIC, PIE and Sanitizers

Position-independent code (PIC) and Position-indendendent executables (PIEs) are nothing new, yet they are still a bit obscure compile toggles that you ignore until you can’t. Luckily for my readers, I had too un-ignore them to make things work. Here’s the after action report.

Last week I was stuck chasing an annoying bug. You know the kind: random crash, happens about once every 20 or 30 runs when the CI runs unit tests, can’t be reproduced by hand, doesn’t show-up on Valgrind

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