Mathieu Ropert


My name is Mathieu, I’m 38 and I write C++ for a living.

I was born in France so of course I’m a pedantic snob who likes wine and pastries.

Clichés aside, I enjoy coding, automating stuff, photography, cinema, role-playing games (both pen & paper and live action) and video games. And also wine (but not only the french ones).

I’ve worked in various areas, ranging from kernel programming to web development, financial software, databases and videogames. My current favorite subject is package management, which I think the lack of has been holding back C++ for years now.

I Used to run the C++ French User Group (CppFRUG) meetup in Paris but have since moved to Sweden.

You should easily be able meet me at the Sweden C++ Meetup in Stockholm, but also at various C++ conferences where I usually try to attend.







*_ Early Modern C++: How to Handle a C++03 Codebase in $CURRENT_YEAR_ (CppCon 2018)



With an ex-colleague of mine, we wrote a unified C++ API to query all sorts of SQL databases. It’s called CDBC but unfortunately the company never managed to release it open-source. You can still take a look at the poster we shown at CppCon 2016 for inspiration.

I also used to be a contributor to the Conan C++ Package Manager.


You can contact me by email:

I’m also on Twitter: @MatRopert.