Simplifying build in C++ (part 1)

Package management and build systems are one of the next big challenges C++ is going to face. In this article series, I offer some thoughts and ideas to solve that. This post is the first part, where I give an overview and try to tackle the first issue: interaction between package managers and build systems.

What is the first thing you do when you start a new project? Me, I install Google Test (or an equivalent) to make sure I have a decent test coverage from the start.

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My CppCon 2017 talk about API & ABI versioning is online!

When you make a change in your code, it’s important to consider the potential impacts on your clients. At CppCon, I gave a talk about those impacts, both on API & ABI, and how to advertise them.

As I said in my trip report, I had two talks at CppCon this year. The first one was about using CMake for Modular Design. The second one is about changes in your library will impact your clients through API & ABI and how to tell them about it through versioning:

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One morning where jetlag robbed me of my sleep, I decided to start a blog.

Hello everyone,

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